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  • How do I brew Elevated Tea?
    Our tea bags are packed with 2.2g of the finest organic herbs and hemp and should always be brewed with filtered or spring water. We really love teapots and tea presses, so we typically brew ours in a vessel that is at least 24 ounces. Learn more about hot and cold brewing techniques.
  • What are cannabinoids?
    Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds in the hemp plant that interact with pathways in the body - known as receptors - which in turn affect symptoms like pain, inflammation, spasms and nausea. Cannabinoids are so awesome because they work by imitating compunds - called endocannabinoids - that our bodies already make on their own.
  • Is it possible that I have a hemp allergy?
    It is unlikely and rare, but some people are in fact allergic to hemp. We suggest you see your primary care physician or allergist if you feel you might be.
  • Will I get an increased hemp potency if I brew Elevated Tea for a longer period of time?
    No, but you will increase the brew's flavor. When we sip Elevated Tea, we rebrew the bag for an additional 3 cups of tea and then compost the bio-degradable bag.
  • Does Elevated Tea contain THC?
    Elevated Tea is made using hemp-derived CBD which contains less than the federal requirement of <0.03% THC. Our tea is rich in phyto cannabinoids, but contain no psychoactive effects that are experienced using THC. In other words, Elevated Tea will not get you "high" nor show any markers on a drug test. It is suggested for relaxation and to provide a calm centered state of body, mind, and well-being.
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