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An uplifting chai tea with intoxicating aromas. Brew and indulge in a ritual of elevating one’s mental state. The Astral body is the energy system for our emotional experience. Meditate as you inhale this perfectly spiced tea that may help boost brain and heart health, reduce blood sugar levels, aid digestion and strengthen the immune system.


Each 2.2 gram tea bag brews up to 20-24 ounces of tea. Rebrewing and composting encouraged.


Single Pack includes (1) 2.2g teabag

3 Pack includes (3) 2.2g teabags

6 Pack includes (6) 2.2 teabags


Please note: multi-packs may arrive boxed and/or unboxed.


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PriceFrom $7.00

Ingredients: Black Ceylon & Assam Tea, Cardamom, Almonds, Ginger, White, Black & Red Peppercorns, Chocolate, 15 mg CBD hemp buds per tea bag.




Flavor Profile: Spicy, sweet, earthy.



  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Increase awareness and vitality
  • Mood elevator
  • Supports circulation and metabolism

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