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Age of Aquarius

Cosmically speaking, December 21, 2020 marked a very important date in astrological calendars. Since 1969, we've been hearing of the Age of Aquarius and it's finally arrived. We invited astrology intuitive Liz to our Tea Talk Series to give us insight on what is to come from this new era. What a time to be alive and witness this transition from the Age of Pisces to the humanitarian Age of Aquarius. Here are the major takeaways from Liz's energy forecast of the universal shift.

  • The Age of Aquarius will be about unveiling the truth, collaboration and humanitarian ideals.

  • Aquarius rules revolution, innovation, invention, technology, and community.

  • An air sign deals with the mental state and intellectualism will become prevalent.

  • Technology advancement.

  • Sustainability.

  • We will lose our egos and become truly vulnerable.

  • The energy of the people will reign supreme as community building becomes key to survival.

  • Social justice: what can I do for the community?

  • Innovative ways in making money: investments and cryptocurrency.

  • The Energy of Aquarius will be felt for the next two centuries.

  • In 2021 we'll have 4 eclipses.

  • 2024 will be the golden age where we will begin to experience change for the greater good.

Ultimately, we are being called upon to be innovative and solution oriented to our needs of this new paradigm. We need to shed the unnecessary things that take a toll on our beings by breaking old patterns and belief systems. As truths become unveiled, we must choose to stay conscious and use our energy wisely for the betterment of humanity.

Get in touch with Liz for natal chart and tarot card readings by following her on Instagram @thearcherlifestyle

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